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Public and private as a topic of a multidisciplinary research

Tag: philosophy

  • workshop: virtual space versus genuinely public space – current questions

    On Monday 21 November 2016 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. the second workshop of the project “Public and private as a topic of multidisciplinary research” took place in the Academic Conference Centre, Husova 4a, Prague 1.

  • workshop: relativeness of public and private

    The project’s first workshop “Relativeness of public and private” took place in October 2015. Some of the papers presented there have been included in the section Texts.

  • rostislav švácha – what is private and what is public in a great work of art?

    Summary of a paper presented at the 1st workshop “Relativeness of public and private” in Prague on 9 October 2015

    As a historian of architecture, I come across the relationship between public and private most frequently in heritage conservation. A typical situation I often encounter is when a building is in private ownership and the owners want to do something like demolishing it, whereas the public interest tries to limit the owner’s rights and requires the protection of such a building if it is thought to be in some way rare and valuable.