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Public and private as a topic of a multidisciplinary research

Tag: legislature

  • public space in leopardy?

    Project Public and Private as a Topic of Multidisciplinary Research has been accomplished  with a collective publication Petr Kratochvíl (ed.): Public space in leopardy? Current problems of urban public space from the perspective of the social science and humanities, Artefactum Publ., Prague 2018.

  • michal novotný – public, private and legislature

    Summary of a paper presented at the 1st workshop “Relativeness of public and private” in Prague on 9 October 2015

    Professor Švácha has described one case of conflict between the private and public interest in the field of conservation. He has offered it for reflection from the ethical, legal, and art philosophy angles. I will try to interest you in a reflection focusing on the legal side of the matter. I believe it may be useful to be acquainted with how the law operates with the concepts public and private.